How To Pick Locks Of Handcuffs

A lot of people know how to pick locks.  This is because it’s a fun hobby that anyone can easily pick up.  With a few homemade tools and a little bit of practice, you can be wowing your friends with several Houdini acts.  It’s also very practical since a lot of people lock themselves out of their homes and cars.  Knowing the skill can actually save them a few hundred dollars that they would have paid for a locksmith.  Of course, there are also the people who take up the skill to break into homes and cars.  Sooner or later, using the skill of picking locks for this purpose will lead to you being put in handcuffs.

Speaking of handcuffs, did you know that it can easily be defeated using very simple tools?  Of course, it goes without saying that it’s best that you leave the handcuffs alone if the police put them on you.  After all, the police also know that they can be picked and this is the reason why they watch over you like a hawk even if you’re in handcuffs.  You wouldn’t want to be in deeper trouble than you’re already in.

But speaking of Houdini, a lot of people fool around with handcuffs just so they can get out of them.  Some of them pick up the skill because it’s a popular bar trick.  But there are some who learn how to do so because they’re literally following the steps of the popular escape artist.  Escape acts are very popular and as you can probably notice, most acts would include the escape artist being shackled in handcuffs.

Whatever your reason may be, it’s very important that you practice caution.  First, it would be a good idea to practice picking on handcuffs while you’re not wearing them.  Also, make sure that you always have the keys on your person.  This is especially true if you’re already practicing picking on them while you’re wearing them.

Here are the tools that you can use to pick on them:

  • Dental explorer
  • Paperclip
  • Bobby pin

Obviously, not everyone will have dental explorers lying around their homes.  Besides, a lot of people would tell you that it’s the least practical especially since it’s the hardest to master.  However, you can use them as a guide because you would need to make a copy of its tip using the paperclip or bobby pin.

For the paperclip, you just need to straighten it out and curve the tip to have something like the tip of the dental explorer.  You can use the keyhole of the handcuffs in order to bend the tip.  For the bobby pin, you just need to spread the bobby pin until it’s 90 degrees.  Cut off one side of the pin while making sure that you leave about ¼ inch for the tip.

Here are the steps on how you can pick locks of handcuffs:

  1. Insert the tip of your chosen tool inside the keyhole.
  2. Point the tip towards the direction that the handcuffs’ moving part (the one with the saw teeth) travels to when locking.
  3. Apply pressure towards that direction using the tip.  This will recreate the action done by the key to open it.

Obviously, it’s very easy to do it.  However, it would require a bit of patience and practice for you to perfect it.  A lot of people are saying that bobby pins work best.  But it’s best that you try all 3 to find the one that you’re most comfortable with.